Say Hello To My Little Friend Revenge (Book)

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To know me is to get to know me.  My life . . . Never a dull moment! What girl doesn’t long for love and success, in either order?   “Say Hello”, a true story about an encounter with a man I had an instant attraction to. Little did I know this man would be a test of my loyalty of friendships. A sordid affair causes a series of events to explode, sending my life into an OMG tailspin. I soon realize after all of the emotional changes experienced; I was closer to a once in a lifetime opportunity. When suddenly the dust settled, I was left holding an emotion encompassed with feelings of guilt, hurt, embarrassment and shame constantly questioning myself.  How did (life) end up so out of control?  Should I or shouldn’t I, is what wavered back and forth in my mind, dreaming of vengeance. Much needed soul searching and strength building was the core of my attention.

After many setbacks, I decided to continue investing more time in building my brand, expanding my relationships, developing others and this paperback. I discovered that MY success will always be the best Revenge. With God at the helm of my life, my strength, elevation and determination, I choose to stay strong and promote myself to the next level- never stopping, never giving up and never taking a step back.  The bounce back is REAL.

3 reviews for Say Hello To My Little Friend Revenge (Book)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Ofcourse I give this book 5 stars I wrote it.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Giiiirrllll… that music and your emotions had me feeling like I was watching LMN!!! That video will definitely get you some readers… it’s like “girl, what happened”… your emotions had me on an emotional rollercoaster…like 😊😮😔… to 🤤… what the hell happened.

  3. 5 out of 5

    We’ve all faced love and betrayal and some point in our but the way Nisha dealt with it, ‘woman-up’, smile anyway, obedience even in adversity, offers hope and a new level of falling forward. I really enjoyed reading it. It was well written and the story is inspiring. I’m rooting for you Nisha!! Stay winninng my sista❤
    Tracy B

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