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About the Author

“Nisha Glenn” is a native of East St. Louis, Illinois and a single mother of two children. She currently lives in Atlanta Ga. and is the oldest among her siblings. Coming from humble beginnings “Nisha” was raised in an environment where she faced many challenges, however, as a mature woman, she has shown and proven that you can overcome any challenge you are faced with. She has been able to step out on faith and accomplish some of her dreams and aspirations.  Opening her boutique called “Stitches Boutique”, starting a non- profit organization called “Educated Girls Rock”, establishing a “Table of Believers” and now adding “Author” to her list of credentials is a true testament of her achievements. She is truly earning her status in life and with her accomplishments it’s just another way of proving that “Nisha Glenn” is someone on this planet! Nisha is a woman who has finally understood this thing called Life. She has been fortunate enough to be a blessing to others and in return, God has truly blessed her. She is loving, funny, independent, kind, patient and confident. Using words is really an understatement to describe this fearless, fierce, and phenomenal woman. If you ever meet her, only then will you have an idea of who she is. Her smile is her greatest asset and she uses it all too wisely. She’ll boldly tell you, she Loves God and trap music.

She continues to say, “God Shows FAVOR after Failure”

Favorite scripture.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean NOT into your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge HIM and HE will direct your paths.”