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“Nisha Glenn” is a native of East St. Louis, Illinois and a single mother of two children. She currently lives in Atlanta Ga. and is the oldest among her siblings.


I Am An Educated Girl Who Rocks!

Educated Girls Rock was founded to enrich and empower girls by providing them with resources and knowledge through education. The inspiration behind (EGR) came from her wanting to see women succeed through education and not placing limits on their goals and dreams.She formed this organization with the idea “That every girl should want to see themselves with a cap and gown on”. Having to overcome several obstacles of her own she understood the challenges of graduating under pressure and beating the odds to become successful. “This can be removed” With the recent success of receiving her Master’s Degree in Education, she continued to impress upon students how important it is to be an educated girl: especially one who Rocks.

Say Hello To My Little Friend: Revenge


I have learned that in one year you can experience sudden, extreme, and unpredictable emotions to the degree that your life can quickly change based upon that one decision you never expected to make, until you made it. Every decision has a corresponding consequence. Whether the result is positive or negative, the natural next step is to react with wisdom.