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I have learned that in one year you can experience sudden, extreme, and unpredictable emotions to the degree that your life can quickly change based upon that one decision you never expected to make, until you made it. Every decision has a corresponding consequence. Whether the result is positive or negative, the natural next step is to react with wisdom. At any one time you may experience joy, love, lust, loyalty, jealously, forgiveness or happiness. When these emotions are combined with enemies, bullying, prayer, and revenge, it is sure to make you feel overwhelmed with life itself.


When life throws hardships your way, don’t just search for the light at the end of the tunnel; instead, seek God first in times of darkness, and light is always sure to come. I am not telling you what I have heard, I am telling you what I know, through experience.

Even though I felt the sour taste of guilt and hate and sadness and pain, I found a way to change the bitterness of life’s tribulations and turn them into something sweet. We all make mistakes — some bigger than others, but when it comes down to vital challenges that you cannot change, there is no point in obsessing over it. You learn from your mistakes and move on with life; at least that’s the goal. Unfortunately, it is not always that easy.

It’s true what they say: Only the strong survive.

That would be me. The Strong One.

There is something miraculous about a woman who overcomes everything that is meant to destroy her.

“Say Hello To My Little Friend: Revenge.”